The toponym Pertinace has existed since millennials. Our winery is located in Pertinace, in Treiso, Piedmont, in one of the four cities of Langhe area, famous for the production of Barbaresco DOCG; but it is also the place known for having given birth to Publio Elvio Pertinax, a valuable leader and Roman emperor who was born right here in 126 AD.

    Founded in 1973 by Mario Barbero, our winery was a cooperative, one time made up of thirteen members all from the Treiso area.

    Right from the start, the wine production was concentrated in Nebbiolo grapes, suitable for producing a high quality Barbaresco.

    The name of the winery changed into Pertinace, and its production now goes beyond the Italian and European borders to reach USA, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan and Canada.

    In January 2016 the members of Pertinace winery became 17, for a total of 90 hectares of vineyards (mainly Nebbiolo, but also Dolcetto, Barbera d’Alba, Moscato and Chardonnay).


    The territory of Langhe and Roero is one of the most generous in the world for quality and variety of wine production.

    The name has Celtic origins, means “tongues of earth” and refers to the extended hills, often with very steep sides, parallel to each other to form deep and narrow valleys. The Langhe are crossed by the river Tanaro, which separates them into two areas: in the northern part the Roero (from the name of the family who owned the feud) and in the southern part the Langa.

    The climatic factor is still today one of the most determining in the results of Langhe wines. The continental cold temperate climate, characterized by well-defined seasons, allows the grapes to exalt particularly fine and intense aromas.

    The temperature changes between day and night during the maturation increase the concentration of the aromas in the skins, and allow to achieve a balance between the components of the berry that give rise to wines of structured quality, longevity and with a perfect drinkability.

    The Tannins finally confer a typicality that must be known and appreciated with the necessary attention. The composition of Langhe soil derives from the withdrawal of the “Mare Padano”, which happened about 16 million years ago. Today the substratum is characterized by clays, calcareous marl, bluish marls, tuff, sand and gypsum solfiferi. The alternation of these layers gives wines of excellent structure and elegance.

    If the calcareous-clayey character of the so-called “white lands” prevalent in the Langa offers red wines of body, the more sandy and soft soil of Roero allows to produce also fruity whites.


    Località Pertinace, 2/5
    12050 – Treiso
    Cuneo – Italy
    P. IVA: 00278700042
    Tel: +39 0173 442238
    Fax: +39 0173 223708


    Date of cooperative foundation: 1973

    Number of members: 17

    Vineyard surface: 100 ha

    Varieties cultivated: Nebbiolo, Barbera, Dolcetto, Arneis, Chardonnay, Moscato.

    Types of wine produced: Barbaresco, Barolo, Barbera D’alba, Langhe Nebbiolo, Dolcetto D’alba, Langhe Arneis, Langhe Chardonnay, Langhe Rosso, Moscato D’asti, Barbera D’asti.

    Number of bottles produced: 3.000.000