The Wine Net: the first of a series of days together to celebrate the network

On Monday, November 19, 2018, the first of the events scheduled by The Net Net, was a success. The first day, full of meeting moments dedicated to the network knowledge took place at the first host cooperative, Cantina Valpolicella Negrar. We started with a press conference, where the network was able, through the words of the representatives of the cooperatives, to remember the objectives of the union and to bear direct testimony of the results obtained on the markets and of the appreciation for the network and the individual cooperatives. Following, three masterclasses of excellence, the first with the sommelier Marco Scandogliero, on the theme of the relationship between tradition and innovation, the second with Fabio Giavedoni, on the subject of longevity of wine, and finally the third tasting, led by Alessandro Torcoli, director of the magazine Civiltà del bere, on the role of autochthonous in the identity of wine. Finally, an interesting conference on Acinatico and Recioto, moderated by Attilio Scienza, Lorenzo Simeoni and Daniele Accordini, owner of the host winery.

How not to end up with a delicious risotto? Thanks to Antiche Riserie Ferron, the day happily ended with the flavors of the Veneto region.

“As we expected, it was a great time to celebrate our union, which increasingly allows us to share information and achievements and gives us great results. The perception of the participants during the day was more than positive, we noted with pleasure that the network continues to be widely recognized and appreciated “say the members of the cooperatives.