The Wine Net: Second annual day dedicated to discover the HORECA and the GDO world


On Monday the 20 May 2019 we organized the second annual day dedicated to promote our network. The appointment took place at the Cantina Produttori di Valdobbiadene – Val D’Oca, where all the six wineries of the network were present and we dealt with important issues related to the distribution of products, both from the point of view of the Horeca sector and large-scale retail trade.

“Today we found several starting points and evolutionary scenarios for the marketing of wines on the two channels. I am happy to have hosted this second appointment, it helped us to look ahead with optimism both on the domestic market and abroad” said Aldo Franchi, director of Val d’Oca.

The event, open to Horeca and GDO operators, was divided into a series of moments, opened by a morning workshop dedicated to the on-trade The Wine List seen by the customer – by an online survey the indicators of choice” led by Fabio Piccoli, director of Wine Meridian, and with Laura Bresciani, journalist and PR Senior Consultant and Francesca Negri, writer, blogger and WSET certified journalist.

The afternoon, instead, was opened by an off-trade workshop “The evolution of domestic wine consumption in Italy – IRI research preview – April 2019” with Armando Brescia, director of Modern Distribution, Virgilio Romano, Business Insight Director CGD Department IRI and Francesco Campesan, GDO consultant.

The research “2019 has begun under the best auspices. The wine, intended as still wines and sparkling wines, by volume shows a growth of 1.2% and a value of 5.1% (total Italy including Discount)” explained Virgilio Romano, telling the preview of the IRI research. The trend reversal is more marked on 0.75 liter bottled wines, while the one and a half liter format that continues to fall in sales is decidedly penalized.

A note on sales channels: we find positive the Supermarkets and the Discount Stores, just below zero the hypermarkets and the small supermarkets (Lsp), clear improvement in any case compared to the 2018 closing. Three main reasons, the cooling down of prices, the increase in promotions , the decidedly negative 2018 counter-figure.