The Wine Net conquers the Americas

The Wine Net has once again landed overseas in North and Central America.
Some representatives of the network participated in the Simply Italian Great Wines Tour, on February 4 in Fort Lauderdale in Florida and on 6 February in Mexico City, as part of the IEM (International Exhibition Management) tour, a company born in Verona but now set, in Florida that for about twenty years has specialized in organizing these b2b events in the main markets of the world.
Two very different stages, but two very interesting markets for Italian wine. Florida, more experienced and structured and Mexico, a land still to be educated, but whose interest in Italian wines gives high hopes to the entire export sector.
An important opportunity to introduce some of the best Italian varieties, as always united in the business network.

“We were here to promote not only our wines, but also the Italian regions and varieties and we were literally invaded by an expert and less expert public who was thirsty to know Italian wines. In Florida, a very good evaluation of the price and a lot of curiosity for the less known varieties. In Mexico, an adventure to discover a frontier land, where our positioning is not yet excellent, so there is a lot to work on and educate the market. “ Say the Wine net members attending the event.