The Wine Net at Festival della Gastronomia: the Milano Edition


From 17 to 19 November 2018 the network has been at Festival della Gastronomia di Milano

Second appointment for The Wine Net network, away from the vine-biological context to differentiate itself among the many participants at Festival della Gastronomia in its Milano edition. The event, organized by the renowned food critic Luigi Cremona and Witaly, has hosted gastronomic realities from all over Italy, to celebrate the absolute excellence of such an important sector for our country. Among the realities at the Festival,there was also the cooperatives network The Wine Net, in partnership with the innovative Enosocial® smart app. A success of requests from members of the public and the trade sector, catched by the net and its cooperative strength, fascinated by the message the network says to the international markets.

“There was a great interest by the participants, wine has its space and, in contexts like this, occupies an elitist and strategic place”, say the members of the network.