Festival of Gastronomy in Rome: The Wine Net was there!


From 27 to 30 October 2018 we were guests of the event organized by Luigi Cremona and Witaly at Officine Farneto in Rome. A booth among the tasting desks and an area entirely dedicated to tasting of 12 wines from our cooperatives, presented to the public with a promotional price for the event.

The demand and the large number of visitors allowed us to talk to consumers and to introduce the network and the products of the wineries in all their peculiarities. We proudly realized that the space for wine products within events like this, dedicated to the culinary art, is huge and there are excellent opportunities for cooperation.

On this occasion our wines were paired with the wonderful creations of the starred chefs who challenged each other during the days of the Festival, an opportunity to underline a strong message: wine and food are able to create unique harmonies, giving experiences that enhance the qualities of both.

The Festival of Gastronomy was an opportunity to introduce ourselves, as always, to the world of gastronomy that, like us, aims only at the excellence of Made in Italy.