Double meeting for The Wine Net: Vinitaly with style

Saturday 6 April 2019 we celebrated together to wish each other “a great Vinitaly”, at the suggestive Winter Garden of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Verona.

It was a moment of encouragement and an opportunity to remind ourselves that union is strength, always, on the markets we choose to preside over. Three years after the birth of our network, we are beginning to perceive the results, in terms of the involvement of those who learn about the cooperatives, thanks to the union strategy that we are applying.

A second appointment saw us involved during the day of Monday 8 April, where we presented, with the help of Fabio Piccoli, director of Wine Meridian, the results of an export-related research, where many positive factors emerged about the network, and where the problems today still present on the markets and the ways to solve them have been analyzed.

So our Vinitaly started in style and ended with many smiles! We just have to prepare for our next event: the second day of the network presentation, May 20, 2019, this time at Azienda Cantina Produttori di Valdobbiadene – Val D’Oca.