Beyond European borders, The Wine Net lands in Kazakhstan

On June 25th the network of Italian cooperatives together in the country of Eurasia

Our tour in the Eurasia countries continues and after Russia we landed in Kazakhstan. In Almaty, the second city of Kazakhstan, we participated in the Unexpected Italian event, the first b2b dedicated to Italian wine organized by Unexpected Italian in this country.

Kazakhstan, like other Eurasian countries, represents an extraordinary opportunity for our wine export, in fact today Italian wine is a leader in this area with a 24.4% share in Kazakhstan and 44.9% in Uzbekistan.

Per capita consumption, although still modest, has grown throughout this geographical region (2.9 liters in Kazakhstan and 1.4 liters in Uzbekistan according to the latest available data), but the prospects are decidedly encouraging not only for the economic aspects, but also for the cultural growth of these countries. A growth also witnessed by the increase in the number of wine operators in the trade who are capable of competently accompanying the sale of products even of the premium segment.

The challenge, as is now increasingly clear, will lie in the ability of our country and above all of our wineries to better protect these markets. And we decided to do it all together!