6 wineries for 6 restaurants: the project that promotes The Wine Net wines in six restaurants of Rome

The project that promotes the excellence of the network of cooperatives within six Roman restaurants was renewed also for the year 2019, on the occasion of Festival della Gastronomia in Rome, organized by Luigi Cremona and Witaly.

The days following the Festival, therefore from Tuesday 29th October to Thursday 31st October, the wines of the cooperatives were put on tasting with an ad hoc menu in six restaurants selected authoritatively, according to an absolute target of excellence, by  the critic Luigi Cremona. In particular, the restaurants that promoted the wines of the cooperatives were: Ercoli 1928, La Gatta Mangiona, Giulia Restaurant, Madeiterraneo, Divinity, Qvinto. “We have welcomed this initiative with great enthusiasm, we believe it is important to promote the relationship between fine dining and excellent viticulture and we hope that the future will give this relationship more attention. Proposing to the consumers an ad hoc menu with the wines of 5 different wine-growing regions, united by a strong goal, was very interesting and allowed customers to play a real enogastronomic journey directly at the table. “confirmed the restaurateurs.